This was a very interesting and exciting week. I was able to fellowship with a new group of Princesses. 

Several months ago I spoke at an event and had the pleasure of meeting an amazing women by the name of Shalena Broadster, aka "Princess Shalena D.I.V.A." 

On that day after hearing me speak, Princess Shalena purchased one of my audio cd's. After listening to it she invited me to be a guest speaker and teach life lessons on her daily A.M. teleconference "The Mind, Body & Soul Morning Altar Call". I thought about it and then agreed that i would love to do it and it was in alignment with what I am up to in life. 

OMG Princesses.....What an amazing world wind experience! The call is at 5am every morning so I had to wake up by 4am every morning in order to get the cold out of my eyes and the frog out of my throat and go over my notes for the lesson. LOL! I am a person who goes to bed at 2am so this was really GOD stretching me! However, it was so so worth it. 

Every morning amazing women called in and shared what they were thankful for and what they are up to in their lives. Women from all parts of the world as far as canada and west africa! 
Each and everyday as I poured love and wisdom into these beautiful princesses i felt the love returned to me as I received messages on facebook or request to join the princess mailing list @ www.nikkibwest.com. Powerful women sharing their stories with me. WOW. 

I truly thank GOD for allowing me to practice what i preach, to remain faithful and humble. I thank him for seeing me fit to be used. I thank Princess Shalena for the amazing opportunity and I'm looking forward to future joint endeavors. I thank each and every man and woman that was on that call. That gave of themselves and that allowed me to speak to them. 

If you are still a virgin to the call then I encourage you to log on to the morning Altar Call! It is powerful! Every weekday 5am-6am dial in at 712-432-0075 pin#:748433 - 

I say all this to say that a missed opportunity is equal to a domino effect of missed opportunities. Take everything you do seriously and do it with honor and integrity. You never know who's watching and where your next blessing is coming from. Remember to be a generous giver as well as an excellent receiver! Every human being has something to offer. 

Click the link below to check out todays call:
Make it a Blessed, Colorful Day!!
-Princess Nikki-



Florence Akilah Bourne
05/11/2012 7:20am

I an impressed and interested in the Princess Dairy.


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